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Ray Ferraro & Darren Dreger, two of the biggest names in the game join forces for The Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast. Providing expert insight, analysis and opinions on what's happening on and off the ice in an entertaining personality-laden style that you won't find anywhere else.

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July 30, 2020

Paul Maurice Interview

Episode 35 guest Winnipeg Jets Head Coach Paul Maurice joins Ray and Darren from 'Inside The Bubble' and the guys go behind the scenes with Paul on 'Hub life' as the Jets get set to take on the Flames in their Stanley Cup Qualifier series with Game 1 on Saturday. In this post-hiatus edition of #AskRayandDregsAnything, Ray talks camping etiquette, the guys discuss the Kraken naming and the debate whether Canucks Twitter is overreactive or just passionate.

Episode 34 is a rebroadcast of the amazing interview with Shjon Podein, Ray's teammate on the St. Louis Blues. Shjon brought many hilarious stories from his long NHL career, including keeping his full gear on for 25 hours after winning the Stanley Cup with the Avalanche. This edition of #AskRayandDregsAnything sees questions on whether Leaf fans should cheer for a win in the play-in round or hope for a loss and first pick overall. Also, how much time teams need after the end of this prolonged season before starting the 20/21 season?

June 3, 2020

James Duthie Interview

Episode 33 guest TSN's James Duthie joins Ray and Darren and the guys go behind the scenes with Canada's favourite host for some ridiculous stories from the TV set, and 'Jimmy' shows the guys his latest golf gadget. In this edition of #AskRayandDregsAnything Ray explains how he earned the 'Chicken Farm' nickname and gets into Ray's use of 'Pal and 'Chum' on social media. The excellent music on this episode is provided by Tony Ferraro and his pals.

May 28, 2020

Gary Bettman Interview

Episode 32 guest NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman discusses how the recently announced Return to Play plans were created, and how challenging it is to make plans with so many unknowns in this unprecedented scenario of COVID-19. This edition of #AskRayandDregsAnything includes whether the guys were surprised by any of the regular season trophy winners, what happens if a second wave of COVID hits during the playoffs, and who are the favourites and dark horses to win the Stanley Cup. The excellent music on this episode is provided by Tony Ferraro and his pals.

May 22, 2020

P.K. Subban Interview

Episode 31 guest P.K. Subban of the NJ Devils talks about how hockey culture can change for the better, the proposed 24-team playoff format, and what his fiancee Lindsey Vonn is better at than him. This edition of #AskRayandDregsAnything includes whether a pandemic shortened season and funky playoff format hurt the legitimacy of the SCF champion, and who the guys would like to see an NHL version of an in-depth Last Dance documentary series on. The excellent music on this episode is provided by Tony Ferraro and his pals.

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