October 26, 2021

Zach Hyman Interview

Ray & Dregs are joined by the Edmonton Oilers’ centerman, Zach Hyman. Zach talks about his move to Edmonton, what went into his decision to become an Oiler, how it’s been playing with some of the greatest players in the league like Matthews and McDavid, his path into the NHL as a fifth-round pick, and the important role college hockey has played in his career. He also shares the significance of wearing the number eighteen, his work as a children’s author, and much more.

In #AskRayandDregsAnything, Ray answers what his favorite venue is to broadcast in and the guys discuss which Canadian team will win the Cup next and what would happen if Eichel decided to get the disc replacement surgery himself.

The excellent music on this episode is provided by Tony Ferraro and his pals.

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