September 10, 2019

The Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast

In the first episode of the Ray & Dregs Podcast, guest Paul Maurice, Head Coach of the Winnipeg Jets, talks about not knowing what he was doing in his first NHL coaching gig, his love of the coaching life, and his passion for Led Zeppelin.

Ray and Darren discuss how excited they are to launch the Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast and the kind of content and guests listeners will hear over the course of the NHL season. Ray looks forward to his upcoming cross-country travel to St. John’s to work a Leafs pre-season game, and Darren educates Ray on what a ‘screech-in’ entails. Ray lets you know what Darren is notorious for doing if he finds your phone unattended. Darren and Ray talk about fandom in sports and the media, and Darren talks about feeling the wrath from some of Leafs-nation on Twitter during the Marner contract negotiations. We learn why Joel Quenneville still calls Ray ‘Pee-Wee’ and the guys talk about what they are looking forward to seeing as the 2019-20 NHL season gets going.