October 1, 2019

Paul Maurice and NHL Season Look Ahead

Ray and Darren tee-up Episode 1. On the eve of puck drop of the regular season the guys delve into a couple of the top headlines, including how much turnover the Jets have had since the end of the playoffs and what is up with Big Buff, and dig into the Faulk signing by St. Louis. The boys introduce the world to ‘Throat Punch’ and Ray tees off on Evander Kane’s preseason tilt that resulted in the suspension. Ray talks the couple of discipline calls he got from the league in his playing days from Burkie, and Bettman. Ray and Darren touch on how the Canucks should use Quinn Hughes, and talk about how his brother Jack Hughes will do in his first season with NJ.The guys talk how the Habs season ahead looks and about how the Auston Matthews situation has played out. Winnipeg Jets Head Coach Paul Maurice joins Ray and Darren as their first ever guest on the podcast and talks about how their camp & preseason has gone with so many stories swirling around the team this summer. Paul talks about his life in the game and about just how much he loves coaching… and what he sings in the shower. The premier edition of ‘Ask Ray & Dregs’ goes down with stories of how Ray interacted with Noodles and the O-Dog in their playing days and Ray answers the question of whether there is too much coaching in modern hockey. The guys tee up the inaugural edition of the Ray & Dregs Hockey Pool and wrap up episode 1 of the podcast.

Ray’s super-talented brother Tony who is a professional drummer – and his musician pals provide the soundtrack for the Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast.

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