November 4, 2019

Mike Babcock, and Jeff Odgers Interviews

Episode 6 guest Mike Babcock, former Head Coach of the Leafs, talks his Toronto team still trying to figure out their identity, his intensity, and how he approaches life away from the rink. Between the Benches guest Jeff Odgers tells brilliant stories from being Ray’s teammate on the Atlanta Thrashers.

Ray and Darren hit on the latest news including Lucic’s suspension, the Backes-Sabourin collision and resulting injuries, Byfuglien’s continuing health and contract situations, and whether the Canucks are the best team in Canada. Toronto’s head coach Mike Babcock joins the guys and talks about where the Leafs are at with developing their team identity and they chat about how he almost became Ray’s teammate. In this week’s #ThroatPunch Darren nominates whomever made Byfuglien’s home address public, and Ray nominates all of Kade’s no-show birthday party friends and their parents, and how that turned into a fist-pump on social media. Ray and Darren catch up with their old teammate Jeff Odgers, and Jeff dishes some hilarious stories from his and Ray’s playing days on the Atlanta Thrashers. In Ask Ray and Dregs the guys answer questions on the entertainment value of the shootout in ending NHL games, and whether Ray ever tried a between-the-legs goal. The excellent music on this episode is provided by Tony Ferraro and his pals.

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