November 18, 2019

Craig MacTavish and Shjon Podein Interviews

Episode 8 guest Craig MacTavish talks about the differences of coaching in the KHL and why he never wore a bucket. Between the Benches guest Shjon Podein tells multiple ridiculous stories, including wearing his equipment for 25-straight hours after winning the Cup.

Darren & Ray get into headlines including their thoughts on the excuse building machine that the Leafs tailspin has become including what could be next for them. And the guys break down the great stories happening with Cale Makar, Quinn Hughes and Nathan MacKinnon this season. 4-time Stanley Cup champion Craig MacTavish joins the guys and talks about why he was the last player in the NHL to not wear helmet, his 9 game coaching stint in the KHL and much more. In this week’s edition of #ThroatPunch Darren nominates the NHL’s discretionary aspect on when officials can blow play dead. Ray nominates the endless saga of what is and what is not considered a goal in the NHL. In Between the Benches Ray’s old teammate Shjon Podein joins the guys with some awesome stories from their time together playing in St. Louis and beyond. Ask Ray & Dregs sees questions including the perceived power balance shift in the NHL titling heavily to the East this season, how Ray would do a rebuild, and whether players enjoy watching goalie fights as much as fans do. The guys wrap up Episode 8 digging into the miserable situation with the Flames and what moves they may need to make to change the course there. The excellent music on this episode is provided by Tony Ferraro and his pals.

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