October 15, 2019

Bill Guerin Interview

Episode 3 guest Bill Guerin, GM of the Minnesota Wild, joins the guys in-studio to talk about his path to the front office, his love of being a practical joker and set the record straight on exactly what went down with the ‘Omelete Boy’ legend.

Ray and Darren start off discussing some of the top stories from the past week including what’s behind the Bruins smashing 5-1 start to the 2019-20 season and how they’ve avoided a Stanley Cup Final hangover despite having played until late June. The guys talk about how with shot-blocking having gone from a ‘request’ to a ‘demand’, teams like the Coyotes are now suffering some really impactful injuries. Four-time Stanley Cup Champion and current Minnesota Wild GM Bill Guerin joined Darren and Ray in-studio and talked about the hiring process he went through to get his first GM gig in the League. Bill talked about the General Managers that influenced him the most during his playing days and the start to his front-office career. He also sets the record straight on the legendary ‘omelettes & jock-strap’ story and spilled the details on some other pranks he has been part of, and some memorable chirps he had with Ray during their playing days. On this week’s edition of #ThroatPunch, Darren nominates the NHL’s concussion protocol process around goalies, and Ray’s nomination is the coach’s challenge and the rule changes to it. The guys also discuss the situation this year where a number of teams are not carrying a full 23-player roster at the NHL level to help manage their cap situation – depriving a bunch of players of a NHL pay check – and whether this is something the NHLPA should be fighting back on. In ‘Ask Ray & Dregs’ they answer questions on whether Calgary would want a do-over on the Lucic – Neal trade and Ray details a couple of rules he’d change if he ever became the NHL commish. The excellent music on this episode is provided by Tony Ferraro and his pals.

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